stump grinding and pruning

Long Island best tree service in New York offers a full spectrum of tree services from tree removal to tree trimming and pruning, tree stump grinding and removal, tree topping, and clearing, landscaping services, and specialty services such as tree removal. We pride ourselves on its commitment to the environment through its “green” initiatives and are constantly working to improve its environmental performance.
Long island best tree service prides itself on our “green” initiatives and continues to implement new technologies, such as tree removal and stump grinding, that help protect the environment while ensuring that our customers receive quality customer service and the highest level of safety and satisfaction. We utilize an array of methods, some of which are more invasive than others, to get rid of dead, dying trees.
Stump grinding is one of our specialty services. Our skilled labor force prunes, cuts, and removes tough tree stumps, providing a safer, healthier, and more attractive edge around your home or business. Our rock-chip pruner uses unique technology that minimizes damage to the lawn and shrubs while leaving the tree stump intact to create a smoother landscape. We utilize a combination of manual and mechanical power with hand and power pruners to ensure the highest degree of efficiency, longevity, and safety. No matter what type of tree you have or what kind of stump you have, we can treat it with care and dignity.