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Sarah K.
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"Long Island Best Trees Service provided exceptional service, removing a large tree from my yard promptly, professionally, and at a reasonable price. They left my yard cleaner than it was before and I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree care services."
John P.
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"The team at Long Island Best was very knowledgeable and provided great advice. They did a fantastic job trimming and pruning our trees, and our yard looks so much better as a result. I would definitely use this company again and recommend them to others."
Amanda M.
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"This company was prompt and provided a thorough assessment of the damage after a nasty storm we had. They removed the fallen trees and debris quickly and efficiently, and I was impressed with their level of care and attention to detail. I will definitely use them again for my tree care needs."
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When it comes to tree care, there may be a lot of companies to choose from, but none of them can come close to Long Island Best Trees Service! We are a full-service Long Island tree company that has been providing top-notch residential and commercial tree services for the homeowners and business owners across Long Island, New York City, Brooklyn, and the Bronx for more than 20 years. We truly are experts in the industry. Our team of technicians receives extensive training to ensure that they deliver outstanding results. We use the highest quality tools and equipment and have the knowledge and skill to deliver fast, reliable results.

Signs You Need to Contact a Tree Trimming Service in Mastic Beach, NY

Suffolk County’s Top-Rated Tree Trimming Service

Long Island Best Tree Service is a trusted provider of tree trimming services in Mastic Beach, NY. With over 20 years of experience and a team of skilled arborists, we are committed to enhancing the health and appearance of your trees. We pride ourselves on delivering precise and safe tree trimming, ensuring the utmost care for your property. Contact us at 516-903-0730 and let our experts provide the professional tree trimming solutions you need. 


Signs You Need Tree Trimming Services in Mastic Beach, NY

Trees provide numerous benefits, including shade, beauty, and environmental advantages. However, over time, they may require professional attention to ensure their well-being. Tree trimming is a vital aspect of tree care and maintenance. It involves selectively removing branches and foliage to enhance the tree’s health, aesthetics, and safety. At Long Island Best Tree Service, we offer top-quality tree trimming services to address your tree-related needs. Here’s a look at some of the top signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professional arborists. 

Overgrown or Encroaching Branches

If the branches of your trees have grown excessively and are touching structures on your Mastic Beach, NY property, such as the roof, siding, or windows, that’s a clear indication that tree trimming is needed. Overgrown branches can pose safety risks during storms or high winds and may cause damage to your property.

Dead or Diseased Branches

Dead or diseased branches not only diminish the beauty of your trees but also pose potential hazards. They can fall unexpectedly, endangering people and property. The skilled arborists at Long Island Best Tree Service can identify and safely remove these branches, preserving the overall health of your trees.

Crowded Canopy

A dense canopy can prevent sunlight and air from reaching the inner parts of a tree. This lack of airflow and light can lead to the growth of fungi, pests, and diseases. Trimming the tree’s canopy allows for better air circulation and sunlight exposure, reducing the risk of tree-related issues.

Crossing or Rubbing Branches

When branches rub against each other, they create wounds that serve as entry points for pests and diseases. Additionally, the friction can weaken the branches, making them susceptible to breakage. Our tree trimming service can identify crossing or rubbing branches and strategically remove them to prevent further damage.

Unbalanced or Leaning Trees

If you notice that one or more of your trees are leaning or have an unbalanced crown, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. These conditions could indicate structural issues or root problems that require immediate attention. The team at Long Island Best Tree Service can evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures to restore balance and stability to your trees.

Reduced Aesthetics

Trees have a big impact on your curb appeal. Regular tree trimming not only improves the health and safety of your trees but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your Mastic Beach, NY property. By shaping the canopy, removing excess foliage, and creating a balanced look, our skilled arborists will transform your landscape into a visually pleasing environment.

Professional Gardener Pruning A Tree

Trust Long Island Best Tree Service for Expert Tree Trimming in Suffolk County

When it comes to tree trimming services in Mastic Beach, NY, Long Island Best Tree Service is your trusted partner. With our skilled arborists, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive tree care solutions that you can rely on. Contact us at 516-903-0730 to schedule a consultation and ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your trees. We look forward to assisting you with all your tree trimming needs.

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Mastic Beach is a hamlet and census-designated place, and former village in the southeastern part of the Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County, on Long Island, in New York, United States. The population was 14,849 at the 2010 census, when it was an unincorporated census-designated place for the first time.

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