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Sarah K.
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"Long Island Best Trees Service provided exceptional service, removing a large tree from my yard promptly, professionally, and at a reasonable price. They left my yard cleaner than it was before and I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree care services."
John P.
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"The team at Long Island Best was very knowledgeable and provided great advice. They did a fantastic job trimming and pruning our trees, and our yard looks so much better as a result. I would definitely use this company again and recommend them to others."
Amanda M.
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"This company was prompt and provided a thorough assessment of the damage after a nasty storm we had. They removed the fallen trees and debris quickly and efficiently, and I was impressed with their level of care and attention to detail. I will definitely use them again for my tree care needs."
Tree Service
Tree Service
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When it comes to tree care, there may be a lot of companies to choose from, but none of them can come close to Long Island Best Trees Service! We are a full-service Long Island tree company that has been providing top-notch residential and commercial tree services for the homeowners and business owners across Long Island, New York City, Brooklyn, and the Bronx for more than 20 years. We truly are experts in the industry. Our team of technicians receives extensive training to ensure that they deliver outstanding results. We use the highest quality tools and equipment and have the knowledge and skill to deliver fast, reliable results.

Professional Tree Planting and Transplanting in Thomaston, NY

  • High-Quality Tree Planting and Transplanting by Long Island Best Tree Service

    Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and also add a touch of nature’s beauty to our landscapes. For several years, Long Island Best Tree Service has been at the forefront of offering expert tree services in Thomaston, NY, and Nassau County, ensuring your green spaces flourish. As a leading provider of tree planting and transplanting, we have honed our skills and expertise to guarantee your satisfaction.

    Whether you’re planting new trees or moving existing ones, Long Island Best Tree Service’s highly skilled arborists will handle your needs with the utmost care. We use the best techniques and industry-standard equipment to protect your trees and your property. Moreover, we understand the importance of prompt service and are committed to completing each job efficiently and on time.

    To learn more about our tree services, call us at 516-903-0730. We’re more than ready to answer your questions, and we’re confident that our commitment to customer satisfaction will make you choose Long Island Best Tree Service for all your tree service needs.


Breathe New Life into Your Landscape

  • Trees can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your property and boost its value. At Long Island Best Tree Service, we offer professional tree planting services throughout Thomaston, NY, and Nassau County. Our team helps you choose the right type of trees, considering factors like your local climate, soil type, and the purpose of planting the trees – whether for shade, privacy, or aesthetics.

    With Long Island Best Tree Service, you are not just getting a service; you are getting a partnership. 

    After planting the trees, we don’t just leave; we offer guidance and tips on how to care for your new trees to ensure they grow strong and healthy. We also provide aftercare services, which include regular check-ups and maintenance.

    For any inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 516-903-0730. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to assist you and provide the best tree service in Nassau County.

Professional Gardener Pruning A Tree

Preserving Nature's Giants: Our Safe and Efficient Tree Transplanting Services

  • Sometimes, for various reasons, a tree may need to be relocated. This is where our tree transplanting service in Nassau County comes in. At Long Island Best Tree Service, we ensure the safe and successful transplanting of trees, whether small or large. Our team is skilled in the latest tree transplanting techniques and will ensure the tree’s health is preserved during the process.

    Transplanting a tree is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires careful planning, precision, and expertise to avoid damaging the tree and its surrounding environment. This is what you get when you choose Long Island Best Tree Service – meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and a dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Thomaston, NY.

    We’ve been proudly serving Thomaston, NY for years, earning the trust of the community and a reputation for excellence. Choose Long Island Best Tree Service for your tree planting and transplanting needs, and experience the difference that professional care makes. With our expert services, we can help you make your landscape the envy of your neighbors, and contribute to creating a greener, more beautiful Thomaston, NY. Allow us to transform your property into a natural haven – call Long Island Best Tree Service today.

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